The only fundraising
platform with a
Gift for Donors

to help you achieve your fundraising goals

No 0rder forms

Less paperwork, hassle and confusion

No collections

No more losing or tracking donations

No deliveries

No coordinating schedules or storage

How It Works

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1: Setup Fundraiser

Setting up a fundraiser is fast and easy.

  • Signup & Complete Form
  • Upload Participants
  • Choose Fundraising Dates

Step 2: Promote and Receive Donations

No more knocking on doors. Selling is a breeze.

  • Participants upload their contacts
  • Text Messages and/or Emails are sent to Contacts
  • Contacts visit participant webpage to Donate

Step 3: Thank Your Donors

Donors automatically receive a 1-year Premium Subscription to the GeoCouponsTM app as a gift for donating ($25 value).

  • Coupons to local & national merchants
  • Geo Alerts remind users about coupons
  • Donors can save $100’s

Why Choose
ThanksForSupporting ?

Valuable Gift for Donors

Unlike other digital fundraising platforms, offering a valuable gift to your donors prevents them from feeling like you are asking for a handout

Many Choices

Why sell a single product people may not want? Offer them discounts at their favorite places they already frequent and enjoy

Detailed Reports

View detailed reports to track each participant and donor throughout the entire process, including: email open rates, social sharing and contact donation reports

Nationwide Donor Outreach

The digital platform nables participants to receive donations from their contacts across the nation,as they can reach out via email, text and social media networks.

Higher Profits

With ThanksForSupportingTM, you keep all money raised in excess of the $7.50 platform and gift fee. Depending on the average donation received, you can earn up to 85% or more!

Superior Support

Our friendly and knowledgeable support team will assist you every step of the way to ensure your fundraiser achieves maximum success

Fundraising Portal

Easily setup and manage all fundraising details in the secure online fundraising portal

How much can
you earn?

Complete the fields to estimate your profits

There is a flat platform and gift fee of $7.50 per donation, the rest is yours (no matter how big of a donation you receive).

Estimate your Donations

See how much your group can earn with ThanksForSupportingTM!


$7.50 per donation


Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect to receive upwards of $300 per participant (that actually follows directions by entering the emails of their contacts). Depending on the size of your organization, this could equate to tens of thousands of dollars.

Organizations are charged a flat $7.50 fee for each donation. This includes the cost of the 1-year subscription for the GeoCouponAlerts gift to donors. So, whether you receive a donation of $35 or $500 or more, your fee remains the same.

All funds (less the aforementioned fees) are forwarded via PayPal no later than five business days after the fundraiser ends.

That depends on the organization that is running the fundraiser. Ask your tax accountant for additional information and advice.

Absolutely! The platform contains as SSL certificate to ensure all transactions are secure. Additionally, all credit card and financial transactions are handled by a PCI compliant third party.

Each participant you upload will receive an email with a link to their personalized website page along with login credentials. They will then login and upload:

  1. their photo and
  2. the email addresses and/or mobile phone numbers of the people they would like to invite to donate.

Our system will then automatically send out the email/text message invitations for them. If they choose, they can also post an invitation to their Facebook and/or Twitter accounts.

Getting started couldn’t be easier. Simply complete the short New Fundraiser form to tell us about your organization and upload your: logo, pictures/videos, participants and fundraising dates. We’ll create all the promotional emails, website pages and secure donation platform for you.